black dart pink attach on yellow green and red dart board
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

List of our goals we are currently working towards. These will change and be update as we progress along the journey to FI

  • Hit 50% savings rate
  • Under $299,000 Home loan 2018
  • Essential house repairs that had been put off. 2018
  • Home repairs to only come from Home repair fund. ($208/fortnight transferred to a offset account for use on future home repairs)
  • Earn 100,000 frequent flyer points.
  • Under $260,000 Home loan by end of 2019 June 2019
  • Under $245,000 Home loan by end of 2019 – new goal (06/04/2019)
  • 1/2 house paid off $235,000
  • 3/4 house paid off $117,500
  • House own outright
  • Oversea’s (Europe/USA family holiday ( reward for paying off homeloan so early)
  • House renovation (larger costs which had been put off while paying off homeloan)
  • First investment into low cost index funds
  • $50,000 invested
  • First $100,000 invested
  • FU Money 2 Years expenses 10% FI
  • 1/4 FI $250,000
  • Mr FTM career change to something with more enjoyment/passion or at least part time work to improve work/life balance. May involve starting own business
  • Half FI $500,000
  • Lean FI $700,000 all basic expenses
  • Flex FI $800,000
  • FI $1,000,000 25x
  • Fat FI $1,200,000 30x


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