2nd Quarter 2019 Update

Halfway thru 2019 already!

We have been a little busy/sleepless nights lately with the arrival of our new twins in May! Boy and girl, both happy and healthy. Completing our family of 5.


Time to update our progress.

Total Income $28,880

Total Expenses $15,713

Savings Rate 45.6%

Home Loan Balance $-256,602 (Down $11,901 Q2 and $22,755 for 2019)

Hitting our goal of home loan under $260,000 and we are looking good at the goal of $245,000 before end of year.

Travel $0

Work and paternity leave only this quarter. No time for holidays with the arrival of our new babies.

Goals Update

  • Hit 50% savings rate – We hit 51% savings rate in May but the other months let us down.
  • Under $245,000 Home loan – $11,602 to go!


Spending was higher then expected due to purchases for the twins. (Small price to pay)

We still managed to put away a decent amount onto the home loan. ($11,901!)

Look forward to bringing you the next update,



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