Dunsborough Family Holiday


Our week in Dunsborough started with a plan to stay one night for a family friend’s wedding. A house/apartment large enough for us to fit was going to cost $250/night with a minimum of 2 night stay.

Instead we again used one of the holiday home program offered through Mr FMT’s employer, instead of costing $500 for 2 night we only paid $410 for a week!

IMG_8578 (1)

It was also a good chance for the three of us to getaway before the birth of the twins in coming months.


Our mornings were spent in playgrounds around Dunsborough and Yallingup. Afternoon we headed to the beaches of Meelup and surrounding areas.

One morning we decided to take our daughter to Country Life Farm, it was a full on morning of feeding animals, playing on bouncy castles, driving bumper cars.


Half the time we ate at home utilizing the full kitchen. The rest was spend at local bakeries, fish and chips on the beach, trying some thai takeaway.


We even tested out some of the many flavors of Simmo’s ice cream, which has a large playground and a “ice cream eating emu.”

Accommodation 7 days $410

Spending Money $414.5

Total $824.5 $117.78/day

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