Food Shopping

One of the ways we have improved our savings rate is by changing to our food shopping habits. We used to spend at least $150/week but now are around $80/week.

We previously did one main shop per week but with no real plan would run to the shops 3 to 4 extra times, typically spending a $20 each time.

We now plan out our dinners for the week, add the ingredients to the list and have a small stockpile of regularly used items in the house to avoid one off runs to the shops.

We have a go-to google docs sheet with a list of meal ideas that we like to use and are constantly adding to.

When shopping, we use Coles iphone app which not only show the aisle of the produce but also allows you to tick off items on the list. Which helps keep you focused on the list items as well as not miss anything.

Having a plan for once-a-week food shopping may seem like an obvious thing to do but I know many people who waste not only money, but their time each day running back and forth in the car to grab extra items from the shops.

This simple 5 minutes a week planning has saved our family at least $280/month for the last year and a half.

18 month x $280 saved = $5,040!!

What your simple shopping tips? Aldi? Online Delivery?

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