Esperance December 2017

Esperance is a lovely beach town, it is just a long way from anywhere.


Located 714km South East of Perth, it takes a full day’s travel each way, but with 105 island and countless secluded bays and national parks it makes for a rewarding trip.

We stayed in a 3 bedroom house right on the foreshore in the centre of town, only a short walk to the Jetty and Coffee van. The house is part of holiday home program offered through Mr FMT’s employer. For $150/year membership it offers discounted holiday homes around Australia and New Zealand.

Our days were spent enjoying at the beaches and parks, only on a rainy day we spent the morning at the local swimming pool.

Most dinners we enjoyed home cooked meals, only going out one night to the pub and once to have a easy Chinese takeaway before out drive back home.img_6377

The beaches are amazing and if Esperance was a few hours closer I imagine we would spend alot more time there.

Accommodation: 7 days $400

Spending  Money:  $793 including two car travel days. 

Total $1,193 $170/day



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